Sub Zero Appliance Repair in California

Sub Zero appliances have long been considered some of the best in the industry. You really can’t go wrong when you fill your home with them. They are the first choice of many of the California residents who decide to refurbish their kitchen with brand new appliances. Not only does the brand come with several special features, but they are also well built and very attractive.

As nice as the Sub Zero appliances are, like all things, they won’t last forever. The day will come when you find that one of your elderly kitchen appliances is no longer in perfect working order. When this happens, the knee jerk reaction is usually to get rid of the faulty appliance and replace it with a brand new one. This could be a very costly mistake. In many cases, the problem with the faulty appliance is nothing more than a worn out part and once it has been replaced, the unit will provide you with years of additional use. As the best California Sub Zero appliance repair in the city, we can proudly say that we have saved many people from spending thousands of dollars on a new appliances that they really didn’t need.

The best thing to do when you suspect that your appliance isn’t functioning at peak performance is to power it off and contact us about our Sub Zero appliance repair in California. Not delaying at this point could save you from doing additional damage to your appliance. We have a wonderful team of specialists on hand that will come to your home and troubleshoot the problem for you. Based on what they find, you can decide if you want to pursue Sub Zero appliance repair in California, or if you want to start to shop for a replacement model.

What We Repair

When it comes to Sub Zero appliance repair in California, there really isn’t anything we don’t do. Every single day, we send our experts out to repair models that have barely outlasted their warranty as well as models that are more than 20 years old. We happily repair anything type of kitchen appliance that bears the Sub Zero logo.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair in California

The sheer number of Sub Zero refrigerators located throughout California is mindboggling. The company never seems to run out of ways they can change up what for any other manufacture is a basic design. Part of our LA Sub Zero appliance repair services includes refrigerator repair.

We repair;

  • Side by side units
  • Refrigerators with a glass door
  • Units with French doors
  • Over and under models
  • Wine coolers
  • And more!

Common Sub Zero refrigerator repair problems include;

  • Flashing service indicator light
  • Clogged or leaking ice maker
  • Burned out or shattered interior light
  • Worn out power cords
  • Faulty condenser coils
  • Units not getting cold enough
  • Loud or peculiar noises
  • Heavy condensation
  • Strange smells that persist even after the unit has been emptied and cleaned

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